Clock:zeitgeist by Dmitry Pogorelov

Dmitry Pogorelov Discloses The Zeitgeist Clock

Dmitry Pogorelov, the lead designer of the awarded project Clock by Dmitry Pogorelov explicates, The clock is reflected the zeitgeist, which is associated with smart, tech and durable materials. High-tech face of the product is represented by a semi <Cropped>

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Interior Design Awards

The Best Interior Designs Win a Beautiful Trophy and Will Gain Lots of Publicity, Recognition, Fame, and Advertisement

A' Design Award & Competition provides value to designers from all industries. Whether you are an interior designer or a product designer, you will get the opportunity to publish your designs in famous magazines, newspapers, and media channe <Cropped>

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Designer Award

The Award Covers All Areas of Design From Medical Products, to Advertising, and Broadcast Design

A designer award is given each year to the creative minds who come up with new product designs, new packaging ideas, new clothing styles, new advertising methods, and hundreds of other categories. A design award can be given for ideas that take somet <Cropped>

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Award Winning Fishing Net Necklace Neck Piece

Lydia Marisa Siu Designs The Fishing Net Necklace Neck Piece

Lydia Marisa Siu, the designer of the highlighted work Neck Piece:Fishing Net Necklace by Lydia Marisa Siu says, Across the oceans and through the ages Chinese culture has influenced the West. Inspired by the blood and organs of the Hong Kong fish <Cropped>

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Musa Çelik-Mealbox Food Packaging

At Design Interviews

Interview with Musa Çelik : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Musa Çelik : In online sales and home delivery food categories, most of the packages have one and only function; carrying the product. Co <Cropped>

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One & Only Laundry Appliance-Product Design

The Second Phase of One & Only Laundry Appliance by Electrolux and, Is Aimed At Developing Further The Design of The Winning Project of The Previous Phase, by Proposing a New and Improved Version of The Suggested All-in-one Laundry Applianc

The second phase of one & only laundry appliance by electrolux and, is aimed at developing further the design of the winning project of the previous phase, by proposing a new and improved version of the suggested all-in-one laundry app <Cropped>

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Call For Nominations For Engineering Design Awards

Construction Design Awards Calling For Grand Engineering Projects

The A’ Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Design Award is open to professional architects and engineering and construction companies from all over the world, and seeks nominations for projects which are at the concept stage, as well as th <Cropped>

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Eun Kyoung Lee-Free Hug Sofa Sofa

At Design Interviews

Interview with eun kyoung lee : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. eun kyoung lee : My sister gave birth to a child. Is my first nephew. Lovely us nephew sister was breastfeeding. The first time I saw <Cropped>

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Collection by Christine Alexandre

Christine Alexandre Spotlights The Lotus Collection

Christine Alexandre, the project leader of the highlighted work Award Winning Lotus collection demonstrates, Nature is the major word to speek about this collection of jewels. The style reach the essence of plant life substance with different texture <Cropped>

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World Design Competition

Imagine a Design Competition Where Tens of Thousands of Designers From All Countries Compete Against Each Other to Be Ranked Top At The World Design Rankings

Imagine the World’s largest and most inclusive design event where designers, brands and companies from all countries and in all design disciplines annually compete with each other; this is the A’ Design Award & Competition. The A’ Design Aw <Cropped>

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