Bill Ritchie's Diy Mini Press Etching Press

Bill Ritchie Illustrates The Diy Mini Press Etching Press

BILL RITCHIE, the maker of the awarded work Etching press by BILL RITCHIE says, This is the do it yourself Mini Etching Press kit, part of the Halfwood Press line of etching presses. It is made so that it can be packed in a compact box for mailing. O <Cropped>

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Shower by Vlad Mititelu

Vlad Mititelu Reveals The Jazz Shower

Vlad Mititelu, the lead designer of the award winning project Vlad Mititelu's Jazz Shower illustrates, Jazz is a brand new product, part of Art Showers series, project that stands up to standard designs and traditional interpretations. The desig <Cropped>

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Table by Jay Design

Jay Design Discloses The Chieut Table

Jay Design, the author of the awarded design Table by Jay Design points out, Chieut was, literally, the main inspiration behind it all, as a fearless pictorial translation of the Korean word to a sophisticated table; thus highlighting another possibl <Cropped>

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Bar With Aqua Farm by Vicky Chan

Vicky Chan Creates The The Artist House Bar With Aqua Farm

Vicky Chan, the author of the award winning project Bar with Aqua Farm by Vicky Chan spells out, The Artist House is a multipurpose space to explore craft beers through co-creation and experiences. By exploring the five senses, people get to touch, s <Cropped>

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Biometric Capture Tabletpc by Travis Baldwin, Keith Grethen, Bill Willis

Travis Baldwin, Keith Grethen, Bill Willis Shares The Unity Biometric Capture Tabletpc

Travis Baldwin, Keith Grethen, Bill Willis, the lead designer of the displayed project Unity by Travis Baldwin, Keith Grethen, Bill Willis illustrates, Unity was created to identify people and capture biometric signatures when in remote areas, cut of <Cropped>

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Lab.13 Art Contest

A Great Opportunity For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize, Have The Opportunity to Exhibit The Artworks in September 2019 in Rome and Much More.lab.13 Art Contest, Is a Call For Submissions Open to All Kind of Artists. Works Allowed in The Art Compe

A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the opportunity to exhibit the artworks in september 2019 in rome and much more.Lab.13 art contest, is a call for submissions open to all kind of artists. works allowed in the art <Cropped>

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Mrsmith Studio's Edro Street Furniture System

Mrsmith Studio Presents The Edro Street Furniture System

MrSmith Studio, the project leader of the displayed design Edro by MrSmith Studio spells out, New cities offer and at the same time impose new ways of leaving daily life and urban spaces, therefore this system is able to merge seamlessly nature and c <Cropped>

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Residence by Hsi-Che Lin

Hsi-Che Lin Spotlights The One Space With Multiple Expressions Residence

Hsi-Che Lin, the author of the awarded project Residence by Hsi-Che Lin explains, Da Lotus Interior Design has always insisted on creating a pure and harmonious high quality residential design as it believes that the aesthetic taste in space is not d <Cropped>

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Negative by Azadeh Shariati & Babak Shariati

Azadeh Shariati & Babak Shariati Reveals The Negative Arm Chair

Azadeh Shariati & Babak Shariati , the architect of the award winning design Azadeh Shariati & Babak Shariati 's Negative Arm chair spells out, The first time you want to sit on “negative chair” you pause for a second thinking it is <Cropped>

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Id Frame-Id Card Holder by Plus X

Plus X Demonstrates The Id Frame Id Card Holder

Plus X, the author of the award winning design Award Winning ID FRAME ID Card Holder spells out, ID FRAME displays your ID card effectively. It is designed with essential elements required when using. To everyone, it is the best alternative enables t <Cropped>

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