by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Logo and Vi

The project leader of the highlighted work Logo and by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, is originally a B2C online shopping platform subordinated to Suning Group and ranks among the top three in the Chinese B2C market. In 201 <Cropped>

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Vascular Bundle by Jimmy Yung-Happystudio

Jimmy Yung-Happystudio Shows The Vascular Bundle Multifunctiona Space

Jimmy Yung - Happystudio, the creator of the awarded design Jimmy Yung - Happystudio's Vascular Bundle Multifunctiona space explicates, People who work in the office within cities are basically away from nature. However, through design, nature l <Cropped>

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Hay%uff01youngbirds%uff01talent Award Asia 2020

Hay!youngbirds!talent Award Asia 2020 Officially Launched! Come and Win Big Cash Prizes and a Trip to Denmark!hay! Youngbirds!is An International Competition Ip and a Design Stage Created Jointly by Danish Contemporary Design Brand Hay, Which Endors

Hay!youngbirds!talent award asia 2020 officially launched! come and win big cash prizes and a trip to denmark!Hay! youngbirds!is an international competition ip and a design stage created jointly by danish contemporary design brand hay, which e <Cropped>

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W. Vladimíra Dancova's Transformation Jacket

W. Vladimíra Dancova Shares The Transformation Jacket

W. Vladimíra Dancova, the thinktank behind the award winning work Jacket:Transformation by W. Vladimíra Dancova explains, Mens jacket together with backpack is practical for the fast and safe movement in a city. The personal things are still with <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ripple Wall Lamp

Tulin Atamer Karaagac Reveals The Ripple Wall Lamp

Tulin Atamer Karaagac, the thinktank behind the awarded project Wall Lamp by Tulin Atamer Karaagac demonstrates, Ripple is a wall and ceiling lamp that is inspired from the capillary wave in fluid dynamics called ripples. Molded glass as a material w <Cropped>

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Tony Lau Chi-Hoi and Kathy Lam Ka-Yi's Mod Makeup Academy Makeup Academy and Studio

Tony Lau Chi-Hoi and Kathy Lam Ka-Yi Reveals The Mod Makeup Academy Makeup Academy and Studio

Tony Lau Chi-Hoi and Kathy Lam Ka-Yi, the maker of the highlighted work Tony Lau Chi-Hoi and Kathy Lam Ka-Yi's Mod Makeup Academy Makeup Academy and Studio illustrates, State of art multi-functional studio for professional makeup and styling tra <Cropped>

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Wave-Led Lighting System by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Spotlights The Wave Led Lighting System

Hakan Gürsu, the architect of the displayed project LED Lighting System by Hakan Gürsu illustrates, Created for outdoor lighting, Wave LED Lighting System incorporates Milestone modules within. The modular design allows flexible lighting design tha <Cropped>

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Resort by Atg-Asiantime International Construction

Atg-Asiantime International Construction Spotlights The Atlantis Sanya Resort

ATG - Asiantime International Construction, the project leader of the awarded project Atlantis Sanya by ATG - Asiantime International Construction illustrates, Atlantis Sanya is an ocean-themed resort. Designers met the following major difficulties f <Cropped>

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Armchair by Linda Martins

Linda Martins Shares The La Tarde Armchair

Linda Martins, the creator of the awarded design La Tarde - Armchair by Linda Martins points out, Inspired by the Scandinavian style, La Tarde is an armchair that invites relaxation, a comfortable space in the late afternoon. Its fine lines and clean <Cropped>

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Interior Residence by Chin-Shu Chen

Chin-Shu Chen Shows The Reincarnation Interior Residence

Chin-Shu Chen, the author of the highlighted design Interior Residence by Chin-Shu Chen spells out, Natural texture of wood and stone construct the main visual effects. Designer pick granite with crystalline grainy, clearly define the recreation area <Cropped>

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