Restaurant by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Ep Restaurant Restaurant

The thinktank behind the highlighted project EP RESTAURANT - RESTAURANT by Acclaimed Designer says, When the door is opened entirely, the interior and interior boundaries become blurred, outdoor garden plants and trees also become a part of the inter <Cropped>

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Íris by João Faria Concept

João Faria Concept Exhibits The Íris Butter Dish

João Faria Concept, the lead designer of the award winning work Íris by João Faria Concept points out, Iris is a butter dish that will initiate an elegant meal. It's a piece that presents butter in a surprising and sophisticated way. Start yo <Cropped>

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Pocketmaker by Lang Qiyue and Yang Tian

Lang Qiyue and Yang Tian Shares The Pocketmaker 3d Printer

LANG Qiyue and YANG Tian, the creator of the highlighted work LANG Qiyue and YANG Tian's PocketMaker 3D Printer illustrates, PocketMaker is a USD99 palm-sized 3D printer. This 3D printer is only as large as a palm, but it can print any object at <Cropped>

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Office Design by Ayca Akkaya Kul and Onder Kul

Ayca Akkaya Kul and Onder Kul Presents The Pmtrt Istanbul Office Office Design

Ayca AKKAYA KUL and Onder Kul, the project leader of the displayed project Ayca AKKAYA KUL and Onder Kul's PMTRT Istanbul Office Office design illustrates, The project in the Istanbul Metrocity Business Center was performed by mimaristudio. The <Cropped>

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Loft of Designer by Emmilia Dias Cardoso

Emmilia Dias Cardoso Presents The Loft of Designer Loft

Emmilia Dias Cardoso, the maker of the award winning work Loft of Designer by Emmilia Dias Cardoso spells out, A designer appreciates very simple attitudes. I wanted the environment to have an industrial style, inspired by old factories and industria <Cropped>

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Hand Puppet Theater by Institute For Information Industry

Institute For Information Industry Discloses The Wawa Story Hand Puppet Theater

Institute for Information Industry, the lead designer of the highlighted work Award Winning WaWa Story Hand Puppet Theater spells out, WaWa Story is an interactive hand puppet theater that is concerned with the parent and child relationship and educa <Cropped>

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2019taipei International Design Award(tida)

Taipei City Government Has Been Devoted to Shaping Taipei Into a City With Design Visions and Has Been Encouraging Designers to Contemplate On The Meaning of Design, to See Design as a Problem-solving Tool, That Is, to Solve Problems Inevitably Faced by T

Taipei city government has been devoted to shaping taipei into a city with design visions and has been encouraging designers to contemplate on the meaning of design, to see design as a problem-solving tool, that is, to solve problems inevitably faced <Cropped>

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Website by Rtrn Branding and Activation

Rtrn Branding and Activation Portrays The Festival Over De Vloed Website Website

RTRN Branding and Activation, the lead designer of the displayed project Award Winning Festival Over de Vloed website website explicates, Festival Over de Vloed is a three-day festival in the Netherlands with events at several places along 90 kilome <Cropped>

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Book of Children Midsummerday-Book of Children by Maya Miyama

Maya Miyama Creates The Book of Children Midsummerday Book of Children

Maya Miyama, the project leader of the highlighted work Book of Children by Maya Miyama explicates, It is children’s picture book which tailored oral traditional tales into an imaginative story. Visualized the saga of young girl and various invisib <Cropped>

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Revitalized Past by Ta-Wei Yu

Ta-Wei Yu Portrays The Revitalized Past Residential House

Ta-Wei Yu , the project leader of the award winning work Award Winning Revitalized Past Residential House illustrates, The maisonette has an old rooftop addition. It is common for Taipei walkups, portraying the disorder and autonomy of living conditi <Cropped>

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