Residential House:da An H House by Tan Shu-Ching

Tan Shu-Ching Shares The Da An H House Residential House

TAN SHU-CHING, the creator of the highlighted work DA AN H HOUSE by TAN SHU-CHING explicates, It a customized residence based on users. The indoor's open space connect living room, dining room and study space via freedom traffic flow, and it als <Cropped>

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Various Voiced by Qiu Liwei

Qiu Liwei Designs The Rattle Drum Various Voiced

Qiu Liwei, the creative mind behind the displayed work Rattle Drum - Various voiced by Qiu Liwei explains, This design proposes new design feasibility of structure, material and modelling of rattle-drum products, gives rattle-drum more manifestation <Cropped>

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Nutritional Supplement Packaging:starsharing Blue and White by Wei Peng

Wei Peng Shares The Starsharing Blue and White Nutritional Supplement Packaging

Wei Peng, the lead designer of the awarded design StarSharing Blue and White by Wei Peng points out, This series of supplements are inspired by Chinese blue and white porcelain. Our visual packaging aims to show the blue and white porcelain culture t <Cropped>

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Roberta Rampazzo's Illusion Table

Roberta Rampazzo Illustrates The Illusion Table

Roberta Rampazzo, the lead designer of the awarded project Table by Roberta Rampazzo illustrates, The Illusion is a side table that plays around with perspective. By angling two of the legs, the table remains stable but it changes the look completely <Cropped>

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Transforma by Ksenia Zagaynova

Ksenia Zagaynova Reveals The Transforma Pendants

KSENIA ZAGAYNOVA, the architect of the awarded design Pendants by KSENIA ZAGAYNOVA explicates, The inspiration behind the Transforma collection comes from the pendant lights created by well-known designers. The designer's challenge involved both <Cropped>

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Martin Schrodt's L4-1-Modular Display Units Display Units-Boxes

Martin Schrodt Spotlights The L4-1-Modular Display Units Display Units-Boxes

Martin Schrodt, the maker of the award winning work Display Units - Boxes by Martin Schrodt spells out, The aim was to combine and present different materials in a high-quality and neutral system. The elements should be modular and easy to manufactur <Cropped>

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Award Winning Idiomi Lamp

Nicolò Caruso Illustrates The Idiomi Lamp

Nicolò Caruso, the project leader of the awarded project Lamp by Nicolò Caruso explains, Idiomi; is a lamp in its three dimensions and array of lighting can create different scenarios and enrich the environment with a truly new light. It wishes to <Cropped>

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Xsr 155-Yacht by Sarp Yachts

Sarp Yachts Designs The Xsr 155 Yacht

Sarp Yachts, the architect of the award winning project Xsr 155 by Sarp Yachts explicates, XSR 155 unique aspect is using extensive glass integrated with the superstructure which gives the project the architectural touch. The hybrid propulsion provid <Cropped>

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Dog Translator by Zheng Feng

Zheng Feng Discloses The Second Language of The Dog Dog Translator

Zheng Feng, the architect of the highlighted work Award Winning Second Language of The Dog Dog Translator explains, In future, the technology of translating information from animals to human languages will be dramatically developed and get mature eno <Cropped>

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Twitter Mirror by Pip Tompkin Design

Pip Tompkin Design Spotlights The Twitter Mirror Social Networking Selfie Booth

Pip Tompkin Design , the designer of the highlighted work Social networking selfie booth by Pip Tompkin Design explicates, Twitter Mirror is a social networking selfie booth for celebrities to take photos at specialty events. It holds a tablet at an <Cropped>

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