Food Processor and Cooker by Aylin Alpay

Aylin Alpay Demonstrates The Intuo Food Processor and Cooker

Aylin Alpay, the author of the awarded design Aylin Alpay's Intuo food processor and cooker spells out, Intuo is a food processor and a cooker offering intuitive interaction. It is designed to get rid of similar, monotonous and confusing buttons used to perform several physical actions and to offer different experience to the user. The aim of this design is to create an intuitive and pleasurable interaction with mimicking the related physical actions. The most important part of the product is the multifunctional control unit in front. It is twistable, pressable, touchable, tapable, slidable with finger. User can command through actions not buttons. In short, user can interact pleasurably..

Food Processor and Cooker by Aylin Alpay Images:


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